Assured solutions for digital social care records

The assured solutions list is a list of digital social care records (DSCRs) solutions that have been assured by NHS England.

All solutions on this list offer the core capabilities social care providers need from a DSCR. Download a list of the core capabilities.

Select a solution to find out about the additional capabilities and features it offers.

To find out more about one of the digital social care record systems, visit our YouTube channel to watch a 30 minute demonstration of each solution.

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"Access Care and Clinical is a comprehensive digital care management system, enabling homes to plan, record, monitor and evaluate the delivery of care to your residents. Ensuring care services are safe, effective and high quality and providing end-to-end visibility for management."
"Access Care Planning is your comprehensive digital care management system, enabling care providers to plan, record, monitor and evaluate the delivery of care to your clients. The system provides management with end-to-end visibility, ensuring the services are always high quality, safe and effective."
"Care Cloud is a single digital care management solution for all care settings used by businesses of varying sizes and levels of complexity. It offers recording of service user details, assessments, and care plans plus a mobile application used at the point of care."
"Birdie equips homecare providers with essential digital tools for managing, delivering and championing outstanding care. Birdie provides a single platform solution used by businesses of all sizes, with care management, rostering, financing and analytics, alongside practical resources and support."
"Blyssful, by Ablyss, helps you manage your care provision in a more efficient manner by enabling you to record care more easily and providing better visibility across your service. With its user-friendly browser-based system and supporting app, you can effortlessly keep track of everything you need."
“Care Control Systems Ltd is a UK-based company developed by a unique blend of care professionals. Our cloud-based software is designed for use within all care settings and will revolutionise your business.”
"Care Vision is a cloud-based Care Management system designed by care providers for care providers. The many types of tasks and departments that share space under your one roof should also share one integrated system."
"Carebeans is a contemporary, innovative software company based in the UK.

Our ethos is to design, build, supply and support comprehensive care planning and management software with mobile applications for the UK social care sector that are comprehensive and compliant, whilst being simple and intuitive to use."
"Careberry is an all-in-one care management platform that streamlines care business operations by integrating essential features such as care planning, custom forms, carer and family apps, and incident management."
"CareLineLive is award-winning, all-in-one cloud-based home care management software for home care providers. It improves efficiency, capacity and compliance by digitising workflows and automating processes. Better systems mean better care."
"Cura is a Cloud based suite of applications enabling digital-led transformation to better quality care. Cura Systems are pertinent in complex care with granularity and personalised-centred care. Cura saves time, operates in real-time, and connects modules for instant information relay to all carers."
"The Dom Portal is a comprehensive digital system designed to manage Home Care services, including domiciliary care, live-in care, and supported living care. Its key features include digital care planning, eMAR, CRM, Care Circle, staff onboarding."
"Fusion's care management software is comprised of three core modules which can be purchased independently or combined to create one end to end solution. Each module is designed to work seamlessly together to provide a comprehensive solution to managing care homes efficiently. Our motto is 'One log in, one end to end solution.'"
"iplanit is an award-winning Digital Social Care Record system desinged to put the person at the heart of their care with a focus on inclusion, coproduction and evidencing impact over inputs."
"KareInn’s Digital Care Planning is available as a fully mobile progressive web based app for residential care homes including elderly, nursing, mental health, learning disabilities and acquired brain injury."
"Leecare Platinum6 is a single, integrated centralised solution, accessed anywhere, anytime. Simple, user friendly Integrated Care Management Software which includes Care plans, Medication admin, Resident billing, HR and operational systems within a single data base."
"Easy and intuitive, Log my Care can be used in any setting, without the need for extensive training. Designed alongside support workers and service users, it’s the platform of choice for enriching the lives of everyone in care."
Nourish is a leading provider of digital care management software in the UK. Accredited by PRSB as a Quality Partner, the easy to use mobile app provides care teams with person centred tools, timelines, assessments and more to drive outstanding care and improve outcomes for those with support needs.
"OneTouch is a single, multi-functional Care Management system which allows care providers to manage every aspect of their operational needs. OneTouch has been built from the very beginning to be a single system, meaning information is shared simply, and without loss or interruption."
Our goal is simple: to help carers be the best they can be. So we built PASS to put people – not paperwork – at the centre of care. Simple to use, feature rich and benefiting from unlimited 24/7/365 support, PASS is transforming care delivery for 84,000 carers nationwide.

As the first supplier to have met all current published standards on the DSCR Standards Roadmap, PASS is the safe choice solution for compliance.

"PCS’s Digital Care Record System is used by over 3,700 UK care providers supporting over 115k vulnerable people. Our system supports compliance, improved quality of care, evidencing in real-time, reduced paperwork and duplication, increased time efficiencies, and connects to health and social care."
"Create better care plans in minutes. Our easy to use platform helps staff create better, more consistent and personalised care plans in less time. Draft individualised care plans can be generated in minutes which can easily be further personalised to individual needs. We call it Agile Care Planning."
"StoriiCare is a provider of care management software in the UK, USA, Australia and beyond. Built with customisability at it's core, our system helps providers improve compliance and quality of care whilst being incredibly easy to use for both staff and management."
"Experience the transformative power of our SOS Care Management System. With a focus on compassion and excellence, our solution elevates care provision, fostering compliance and quality while minimizing paperwork. Empowering care providers with tools to deliver exceptional person-centred care."
Our carer mobile app is a single paperless platform for all of your carers' needs.
"Unique IQ Ltd works in partnership with home care providers to assist them in delivering, managing and monitoring their care provision. It is a full end-to-end solution providing key features such as scheduling, care management, reports and data rich dashboards."