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"Cura is a Cloud based suite of applications enabling digital-led transformation to better quality care. Cura Systems are pertinent in complex care with granularity and personalised-centred care. Cura saves time, operates in real-time, and connects modules for instant information relay to all carers."

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Phone: 020 3621 9111

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"Cura is a purpose-built cloud based system specifically designed for complex care settings. Cura enables person-centred care through highly configurable forms, monitoring assessments, care plans, in-depth incidents reports, activities, reminders, timeline and more in real-time.

Information is shared at the point-of-care through tablet and mobile apps, linked to a common database. Cura is especially valuable for complex care settings, including, but not limited to severe dementia, challenging behaviour, mental health, palliative care, long-term chronic illness, autism, and learning difficulties.

Cura has a powerful, yet sophisticated and easy to use graphical management tool to view vital data and trends."

About the Supplier

Cura Advanced Technologies

"Trading as Cura Systems we are part of a group of associated companies that have been in the information technology business for more than 30 years and have gained a reputation for excellent customer support, innovative use of technology and business integrity.

Cura has been established in the UK since 2014 with a team of industry professionals, together with some of the key group members that are dedicated, highly trained and experienced.

Cura Systems is strongly committed to bringing further innovations to benefit all involved in the provision of care. We aim to equip each home with a tech-driven solution and a digitally conscious care environment.

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This solution has been assured for use in:

  • supported living services
  • care home services without nursing such as residential homes, rest homes, convalescent homes, respite care, mental health crisis houses, therapeutic communities
  • care home services with nursing such as nursing homes, convalescent homes with nursing, respite care with nursing, mental health crisis house with nursing.

This solution has the following features:

  • person-centred, configurable care plans, assessments and monitoring tools
  • advanced Incident Reporting forms
  • saves time and allows carers to focus on care
  • recording of information about staff induction, skills, experience and training
  • mobile apps for care givers and next of kin
  • task allocation to the most appropriate staff or team, with update status and reminders
  • bespoke management dashboard reporting enabling views by locations and drill down functions
  • proactive support for the digital journey, change expertise and a dedicated team with domain knowledge
  • fully compliant with GDPR, Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

All solutions on the Assured Solution List offer the core capabilities that social care providers need from a digital social care record (downloads in a spreadsheet). 

This solution also offers the capability to:

  • add to assessment templates/prebuilt care plans
  • use body maps to capture treatment information
  • store video information about the care provided
  • store photographic information about the care provided
  • record information about the skills, experience and training of staff
  • enable a social care provider to define a template list of the skills, experience and training of their staff
  • view care recipient-generated information related to specific tasks
  • send notifications/messages to other care workers
  • authorised third parties (including family members) to view care plans and records, including ones they did not create
  • authorised third parties (including family members) to write to care plans and records, including ones they did not create
  • provide access to Electronic Medications Administration and Recording systems (either natively or through integration with a third-party solution)
  • build, save and amend your own summary reports for individual recipients of care
  • build, save and amend your own summary reports at a site and service level

Standards describe the technical specification or operating conditions which represent best practice for digital social care record solutions.  These standards must be fully met by all solutions on the Assured Solution List within an agreed timeframe.




Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensures that solutions are supported by robust business continuity plans and disaster recovery measures.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Clinical Safety

Supports the management of clinical risk and patient/service user safety.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Underpins all commercial activity relating to the Buying Catalogue by defining rules governing commercial relationships and setting out standards of behaviour.

More information about the Standard


Data Migration

Supports the safe and effective migration of data if a buyer changes from one solution to another.

More information about the Standard


Data Standards

Defines detailed technical standards for the storage, management and organisation of data and specifies standardised reference data, terminology and codes.

More information about the Standard


About Me Standard (PRSB)

Supports sharing important details about a person and how they want to receive care. This standard is a requirement under Data Standards.

More information about the Standard


Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard (PRSB)

Enables the right information for people to manage their own care. This standard is a requirement under Data Standards.

More information about the Standard


Hosting and Infrastructure

Supports best practices for infrastructure and hosting of systems. For example, ensuring systems are cost effective, secure and energy efficient.

More information about the Standard


Information Governance

Supports the controls needed to ensure that sensitive personal data is kept confidential, is accurate and is available to authorised users when required.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Non-Functional Questions

Enables NHS Digital to assess the risk associated with the assessment of a solution against other overarching Standards.

More information about the Standard



Ensures that a suppliers’ software delivery test processes are of sufficient quality and rigour.

More information about the Standard



Defines a comprehensive set of standards, interfaces and protocols that solutions will use when working together.

More information about the Standard


(this function is not applicable at this time)

GP Connect

Supports sharing of data held within GP IT solutions across health and social care organisations.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Supports the secure transmission of sensitive and confidential information by email.

More information about the Standard



This information is currently being updated. Contact the supplier to discuss their pricing.

Additional services are add-ons that provide additional, unassured, functionality to a solution at an extra cost.

If you’re interested in additional services, we encourage you to undertake your own assessment to make sure the functionality meets your needs.

Additional services are available at a flat price. Contact the supplier for additional services and prices.

Associated services help you implement or optimise a solution. For example, staff training or data migration services.

Associate services are available at a flat price. Contact the supplier for associated services and prices.

Interoperability is the ability to connect and communicate with other systems.

NHS assured integrations

GP Connect is a system which makes patient information available to appropriate clinical and non-clinical staff. Find out more about using GP Connect.

Type of integration What this means Stage
GP Connect HTML view View a patient's GP record with read-only access To be completed as part of standards compliance
GP Connect appointment booking View, book, amend or cancel patient GP appointments  Not in development
GP Connect structured records Access a patient's GP record in a structured format, so the data can be imported and processed in whatever way is needed  Not in development

The typical implementation process involves:

  • guidance through the digital transition and change management process
  • providing a dedicated account manager
  • a kick-off meeting to outline the process, change management, gap analysis and tailored training plan
  • online on onsite training – Cura trains a group of champions that you choose, who then train other staff, with ongoing consultation to help you train all end users 
  • providing follow-up training for staff changes and video tutorials
  • timescales of minimum four days, average six days, maximum 10 days (factors such as data migration and complexity can affect timescales) 
  • quarterly business review meetings

This solution is supported by the following client application types:

Application types Supported

Browser-based application


Desktop application


Mobile or tablet application


 Browser-based application details

Feature Details

Browsers supported

All major browsers

Responsive design


Mobile first approach


Plug-ins or extensions required


Minimum connection speed required

2Mb/S per active user

Recommended desktop aspect ratio and screen resolution

16:9 Aspect Ration and Resolution 1024 x 760

Hardware requirements

Any laptop, desktop that is capable of running Windows 10 or Apple iOS with their respective browsers. Tablet requires an Android device with Android 9 or higher. Mobile applications run on Android and Apple iOS phones that are currently supported by their respective manufacturers.

Additional information

Cura Web is typically used by managers, administrators and senior staff that are mainly deskbound. Cura Tablet is a point-of-care tool used by care staff. The mobile applications although capable of running Cura Web are designed specifically to cater to the needs of staff(Cura Angel) and to the next of kin of service users (Cura Kin)

Native mobile or tablet application

Feature Details

Supported operating systems

Cura Tablet: Android ver. 9 or higher. Mobile Phones: Any Apple or Android phone currently supported by manufacturer.

Minimum connection speed required

2Mb/s per active user

Connectivity requirement details

Connection to Internet service provider should be stable and allow sufficient access throughout the care setting.

Connection types supported

3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi 2.4 MHz or 5MHz, Ethernet for desktops and laptops.

Minimum memory requirement

Desktops/Laptops: minimum 8 GB. Mobile devices 6GB

Additional storage requirements

No storage required as all data is stored on the Cloud

Third party components required


Device capabilities required

All devices must be able to access Internet services

Hardware requirements

All devices must be able to access Internet services

All solutions on the assured solutions list are cloud-based.

This solution is fully hosted at Microsoft Azure platform in the UK South facility, with back up at another UK site.

You do not need a Health and Social Care Network connection to use this service. 

Upcomming developments include:

  • connectivity to GPs and pharmacies
  • adoption of well published standards
  • personal demographics service
  • acoustic montoring
  • advanced tools such as data analytics and incorporation of artificial intelligence

Development roadmaps are not publicly available. Development requirements and plans are specifically discussed with customers, on a case by case basis.

The Digital Social Care Record roadmap outlines future changes to the Capabilities and Standards model.

Last updated: 19 April 2024