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"Access Care Planning is your comprehensive digital care management system, enabling care providers to plan, record, monitor and evaluate the delivery of care to your clients. The system provides management with end-to-end visibility, ensuring the services are always high quality, safe and effective."

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Information about this solution

"Access Care Planning is an all-in-one care planning and management solution that incorporates a mobile app and enables you to deliver high quality, safe and personalised care more efficiently, wherever you are.

Our easy-to-use care plan software includes flexible, comprehensive solutions for community care, supported living, learning disability, mental health, childrens’ services and local authority services, whatever your organisation’s size and settings. 

Our system digitises your documents and processes so you can dedicate more time and resources to caring itself. The forms designer allows care providers to create care plans, assessments and other template documents that are personalised to their organisation, ensuring the right information is recorded during the planning and delivery of care. Care activities and medications can be recorded with full instructions provided to care staff via the Mobile App, ensuring care is always delivered in line with clients’ needs and preferences."

About the Supplier

Access UK Ltd

"Our portfolio of integrated solutions empowers professionals in healthcare, support, and social care services to deliver high quality, quality, integrated and preventative care. With over 30 years experience, we support local authorities alongside small, medium, and large organisations, to focus on the individual. Access is a provider of software for health, local government, and care organisations across the UK. 

With a joined-up approach to connecting people, data, and the services they require, we put the needs of the individual at the centre of everything we do. For the efficient management of staff, resources, and services throughout domiciliary, nursing and residential care organisations, both small and large. Our solutions resolve many challenges in delivering safe, efficient, and quality care, from commissioning, to care delivery, including, care planning, scheduling and rostering, HR, medication management, care compliance, learning for care and policies and procedures."

This solution has been assured for use in

  • domiciliary care such as home care and live-in care
  • supported living services

This solution has the following features:

  • customisable document templates allow care providers to shape the system to their requirements
  • mobile first intuitive user interface allows for efficient, compliant and detailed care evidencing
  • customisable activity charts allow for monitoring clients’ progress against key outcomes and goals
  • offline access allows care staff to access information and record care delivery without interruption
  • real-time activity reports allow providers to proactively monitor care delivery out in the community
  • clients can be directly involved in the planning of their care and can update their own care plan.
  • families can have access to view the care file, including creating documents e.g. providing feedback
  • 3rd party documents related to an individual can be uploaded, including photos of the care provided
  • detailed reporting tools provide management with a full overview of KPIs across the organisation
  • build your own summary reports at a site and service level and for individuals

All solutions on the Assured Solution List offer the core capabilities that social care providers need from a digital social care record (downloads in a spreadsheet). 

This solution also offers the capability to:

  • add to assessment templates / pre built care plans
  • store photographic information about the care provided
  • record information about the skills, experience and training of staff
  • define a template list of the skills, experience and training of staff
  • allow individuals to write to and update their own care plan and record
  • allow authorised third parties (including family members) to view care plans and records, including ones they did not create
  • allow authorised third parties (including family members) to write to care plans and records, including ones they did not create
  • provide access to Electronic Medications Administration and Recording systems (either natively or through integration with a third party solution)
  • build, save and amend your own summary reports for individual recipients of care
  • build, save and amend your own summary reports at a site and service level

Standards describe the technical specification or operating conditions which represent best practice for digital social care record solutions.  These standards must be fully met by all solutions on the Assured Solution List within an agreed timeframe.




Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensures that solutions are supported by robust business continuity plans and disaster recovery measures.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Clinical Safety

Supports the management of clinical risk and patient/service user safety.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Underpins all commercial activity relating to the Buying Catalogue by defining rules governing commercial relationships and setting out standards of behaviour.

More information about the Standard


Data Migration

Supports the safe and effective migration of data if a buyer changes from one solution to another.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Data Standards

Defines detailed technical standards for the storage, management and organisation of data and specifies standardised reference data, terminology and codes.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

About Me Standard (PRSB)

Supports sharing important details about a person and how they want to receive care. This standard is a requirement under Data Standards.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard (PRSB)

Enables the right information for people to manage their own care. This standard is a requirement under Data Standards.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Hosting and Infrastructure

Supports best practices for infrastructure and hosting of systems. For example, ensuring systems are cost effective, secure and energy efficient.

More information about the Standard


Information Governance

Supports the controls needed to ensure that sensitive personal data is kept confidential, is accurate and is available to authorised users when required.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

Non-Functional Questions

Enables NHS Digital to assess the risk associated with the assessment of a solution against other overarching Standards.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Ensures that a suppliers’ software delivery test processes are of sufficient quality and rigour.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Defines a comprehensive set of standards, interfaces and protocols that solutions will use when working together.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance

GP Connect

Supports sharing of data held within GP IT solutions across health and social care organisations.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


Supports the secure transmission of sensitive and confidential information by email.

More information about the Standard

Working toward compliance


This information is currently being updated. Contact the supplier to discuss their pricing.

Additional services are add-ons that provide additional, unassured, functionality to a solution at an extra cost. 

If you’re interested in additional services, we encourage you to undertake your own assessment to make sure the functionality meets your needs. 

Additional services are available at a flat price. Contact the supplier for additional services and prices.

Associated services help you implement or optimise a solution. For example, staff training or data migration services. 

Associate services are available at a flat price. Contact the supplier for associated services and prices. 

Interoperability is the ability to connect and communicate with other systems.

NHS assured integrations

GP Connect is a system which makes patient information available to appropriate clinical and non-clinical staff. Find out more about using GP Connect.

Type of integration What this means Stage
GP Connect HTML view View a patient's GP record with read-only access To be completed as part of standards compliance
GP Connect appointment booking View, book, amend or cancel patient GP appointments  Not in development
GP Connect structured records Access a patient's GP record in a structured format, so the data can be imported and processed in whatever way is needed  Not in development

The typical implementation process involves: 

  • three 'flightpath' options that include up to four days of training plus project management – Access will recommend the right option for you based on size and complexity 
  • a remote-first, low-risk implementation journey 
  • evaluating the paper forms you currently use to determine whether they are still needed and how they can be adapted
  • choosing a cohort of care records to digitise first, so the process can be refined before rolling out 

This solution is supported by the following client application types:

Application type Supported

Browser-based application


Desktop application


Mobile or tablet application


Browser-based application details

Feature Details

Browsers supported

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Responsive design


Mobile first approach


Plug-ins or extensions required


Minimum connection speed required

1 Mbps

Recommended desktop aspect ratio and screen resolution

1920*1080 recommended, 1024*786 minimum

Hardware requirements

No hardware requirements for the web console as this is a browser based application.

Additional information

Access Care Planning is a web based application, which means that it can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection, and can use the supported browsers listed above. There are further requirements for operating the accompanying Access Care Planning mobile app.

Native mobile or tablet application

Feature Details

Supported operating systems

Minimum operating system requirements: Android 8 or iOS 13. Recommended operating system specifications: Android 10 or above, iOS 15 or above

Minimum connection speed required


Connectivity requirement details

The Care Planning mobile app needs to be have sufficient signal in order to retrieve client and visit data, however once synced, users can read data and record care notes even while offline. Data will be cached until a sufficient signal is found to sync any new information back to the system

Connection types supported

Any and All supported by the OS.

Minimum memory requirement

4GB+ recommended for Android devices

Third party components required

None - however Mobile Device Management is recommended.

Device capabilities required

GPS, camera (if images need to be uploaded by users)

Hardware requirements

Connectivity (WI-FI or Cellular), NFC capabilities, Biometrics, Camera and Microphone.

Additional information

The Access Care Planning Mobile app is available for Android and iOS tablet and mobile devices as per the minimum specfications. GPS location services must be enabled on the device to ensure carer is in the correct location. Speech to text notes may be used provided the function is enabled within device keyboard settings. NFC Capabilities are only required should the provider wish to use NFC stickers for booking on/off visits. Users may give access to the camera to upload images to forms.

All suppliers on the Assured Solution list are cloud-based.

Access Care Planning is hosted by Access Cloud Hosting Services and fully managed by Access. 

You do not need a Health and Social Care Network connection to use this service. 

Upcoming development plans include: 

  • integration with Access Assure, our digital telecare system, to provide carers with visibility of Smart Alerts and Alarms that have been activated recently
  • integration with NHS GP Connect via a new Workspace app

Roadmaps are reserved for existing clients and are shared at our regular client forums or Account Management Reviews.

The Digital Social Care Record roadmap outlines the capabilities and standards that all solutions will need to meet in future. 

Last updated: 16 April 2024