Implementing your solution

Implementing your chosen digital social care record (DSCR) solution will involve setting up new ways of working and making sure staff are prepared for the change.

You’ll need to consider how to engage staff in the implementation process and train them in using the new DSCR. Your supplier should support with this (make sure you include this in your specification if needed). 

Preparing staff for the change 

Staff who are less comfortable with digital technology may find the new approach challenging. Consider how you can involve less digitally confident team members early on in the process and continually support them to use the new system.

You may want to:

  • map all the stakeholders who will need to use the new system, their level of involvement, and their level of comfort with new technology
  • appoint ‘digital champions’ responsible for helping other staff learn the new system - these may be the staff who were closely involved in choosing your new supplier, or those who have more experience with technology
  • plan a phased implementation – you may need to maintain some paper records while you set up the system and start using new features gradually 
  • reassure staff that it’s OK not to get it right the first time – this is a journey the organisation is going through together 
  • continually reach out to the team and monitor how they are getting on with the new system, so you can preempt any issues 
  • find training courses to help staff feel more confident with using technology

Be transparent with everyone who will be affected by the process, including people who use your services and their families. Make sure that you have backup plans during the transition period (for example, maintaining paper records temporarily while the system launches). 

Acknowledge that adopting digital care records is a continual process, and be realistic about the time it will take.