Digital Champions

What is a digital champion?

Digital champions are people within an organisation who promote, engage and support others with the use of digital technology. In the same way that dementia and dignity champions strive towards new ways of working, they focus specifically on championing new digital technology, while sharing enthusiasm, knowledge and good practice. They help both colleagues and people drawing on care and support with their skills and confidence in using digital technology, and provide peer-to-peer support.  

The role of a digital champion will usually sit alongside a person’s main role and responsibilities. They can hold a variety of different roles and responsibilities, and could range from team leaders to care staff who have a particular knowledge and interest in digital technology. 

Within adult social care, the role of a digital champion can include: 

Listening – In supporting people with using digital technology, it's important to listen and understand people's perspectives, and to empathise with their needs and concerns. 

Mentoring A digital champion can support people to plan their learning and provide guidance at their own pace while empowering them to take control of their own learning and development. 

Advocating - Keeping up to date and being curious about digital technology whilst sharing up-to-date digital news with your team and wider organisation. 

Signposting - Providing additional direction and knowing when to signpost to additional staff within the organisation, or wider resources available to support people with digital technology. 

Page last updated: 31 January 2024