Guidance for software suppliers – joining the assured solutions list

If you supply digital social care records (DSCRs), you can bid to join the assured solutions list, which is a list of DSCRs assured by NHS England. 

For your solution to be added to the assured solutions list, you must comply with the published standards.

Bidding to become an assured solution

The digital social care records (DSCR) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is currently open for bids. 

To bid for the DPS, register for the Atamis project and you'll be able to access information and guidance.

Once registered, we recommend you read the ITT Instructions to Bidders document and the Questions and Submissions Booklet. This contains all the standards and capabilities you must comply with, as you must give evidence of compliance as part of your bid.

You can ask questions about bidding for the DPS via messaging on the Atamis portal and the Digitising Social Care team will respond.