Accessing GP patient records for care

GP Connect is a system which shares patient information with appropriate staff, so you can deliver better care. 

CQC registered care providers can use GP Connect to access a restricted view of a person's GP record.

To do so, you must have: 

If you need to access GP records as part of your services, you can find a solution which offers this through the assured solutions search tool.

Conditions for using GP Connect 

Before using GP Connect, you must also agree to: 

  • honour an individual’s choice not to share data for their care through GP Connect 
  • create and share information materials to tell people about their right to object to sharing their data
  • update your privacy notice to include this data sharing
  • make sure staff are trained in managing data, in line with DSPT requirements

GP practices will only give access to patient records if they’re assured that it’s to provide direct care. They will only share information which is necessary and proportionate to your role. 

Clinical staff (for example, nurses) will be able to access the full record, which includes clinical information they need for their role. 

For non-clinical staff (for example, registered managers, carers and social workers), access will be limited to: 

  • allergies
  • medications
  • immunisations
  • the last three interactions with the GP practice (for example, the date, time, and comments made by GP practice staff) 

For more guidance on managing data safely, get support from the Better Security, Better Care programme or find training courses on using and managing data. 

Page last updated: 02 October 2023