The Adult Social Care (ASC) Terminology Data Catalogue

The Adult Social Care (ASC) Terminology Data Catalogue is a set of standards for collecting and using information in social care.

It can help you to record, share, manage and report high quality and consistent information by using published standards.

This is particularly important for CQC-registered social care providers, but non-registered organisations can still benefit from using the ASC Terminology Data Catalogue. 


How the Data Standards Catalogue can help you

If you are responsible for…

Use the data standards catalogue to…

collating and/or submitting statutory data returns

  • keep up to date with national reporting requirements and make sure you’re capturing all of the data you need
  • check you are using standard terminology, so you can report consistently 

implementing a new system for digital social care records (DSCR)

  • discuss the data you need to collect with DSCR suppliers in standardised language that you both understand
  • check that the solution you’re buying meets statutory requirements for data collection 

developing new national data standards

  • access the latest social care datasets and data standards 
  • publish new data standards and receive feedback from users

supplying software to the care sector

  • access datasets, data standards and terminology so that you can develop software which meets statutory requirements 

enabling health and adult social care systems to interoperate

  • develop system integrations using standard datasets, data standards and terminology

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